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The Story of Santa's Holiday Disco

In the heart of the enchanting North Pole, where snowflakes danced like confetti, Santa Claus stumbled upon a hidden gem - an old record player emitting a melody that stirred the festive spirit. Inspired by the rhythm, Santa envisioned a unique way to spread holiday joy.

Record Player.jpg

Transforming a corner of his bustling workshop into a dazzling dance floor, Santa with a wave of his magical hat, ushered in the era of Santa’s Disco. But there was a little problem- Santa’s helpers, the elves, had different musical tastes. Buddy the Elf wasn’t too keen on Santa’s choice of Christmas tunes. So, Santa had a genius idea: “What if we make special headphones so everyone can listen to their own favorite Holiday Songs?” Buddy loved the idea! Together with his elf pals, they created special headphones for their Christmas dance party. The news of this magical dance party spread far and wide, capturing, the imaginations of families around the world.

Santa knew he had to expand the magic of Santa’s Silent Disco beyond the North Pole. Santa embarked on a journey to find the perfect location for his holiday dance party. After searching far and wide for the perfect location, he found The Mall at Fairfield Commons.

Guided by the North Star, Santa’s sleigh, adorned with twinkling disco lights, descended upon Dayton Ohio’s winter skies.

Santa dancing.jpg

As the city buzzed with anticipation, families gathered beneath the glowing lights. Each person received special wireless headphones, turning the event into Santa’s Silent Disco. Laughter filled the air as parents twirled with their children, and friends grooved together to the beat of their favorite Holiday Melodies. Santa himself led the way showcasing dance moves that would impress even the most serious of snowmen.

As Santa twirled under the twinkling lights, his dedicated elves embarked on a quest to curate a selection of Christmas delights. Journeying far and wide in Santa’s sleigh they sought out the finest treats, discovering Ghostlight Coffee cookies, Boston Stoker coffee, Rock Paper Soda, and Esther Price chocolates. Laden with these festive treasures the elves joyfully returned to the disco ready to showcase the spread of delectable treats at Santa’s Sugar Shack.

santa leaving.jpg

But the magic didn’t stop there. Every Monday a mischievous figure joined the festivities - the Grinch himself. The Grinch, with a sly grin and a pair of headphones, added a dash of Grinch magic to the disco. His quirky dance moves and grumpy attitude turned the dance floor upside down. 


So, Santa found a new way to spend time with kids in Dayton. He danced the night away, while also listening to children’s Christmas wishes. After the dance, he hopped back on his sleigh leaving behind lots of holiday magic in Dayton.

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